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Honda gx390 performance parts for sale

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Hello all-

So after a somewhat frustrating summer and way too much $$ I've finally got my mud motor figured out..

If you are looking to rebuild or simply "stage up" your mud motor see below. Be careful though it's addicting!

Here's what I've got:

OEM carb
Bored out 24.5 carb
Genuine pilot jets (40,45,60)
Genuine main jets (100-135, 160)
ARC Billet Connecting Rod
New intake valve (UT1)
New exhaust valve (UT1)
HD Springs
K&N filter with adapter
OEM rockers
K1 Piston

These are just the parts that I can recall from memory. Hit me up via pm if interested.
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Like he said is anything still available???
Please PM!
A buddy of mine built up a GX390, this is a great motor to Mod. Very powerful and with the right prop (9X7 Tiger prop) on a surface drive will push you 18-20mph fully loaded. he is running it on a 14x46 flatbottom on a dixie surface drive frame. He can run the lake with just a skim of water on the mud. If you guys want some info on his build let me know.
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