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Excerpt from the Utah 2007 Big Game Proclamation.

Discharge of a Firearm From a Vehicle, Highway, or Near Certain Property
or Structures
76-10-508 & R657-12
(1) A person may not discharge any kind of dangerous weapon or firearm:
(a) from an automobile or other vehicle, except as provided in Subsection
(b) from, upon or across any highway;
(c) at any road signs placed upon any highways of the state;
(d) at any communications equipment or property of public utilities
including facilities, lines, poles or devices of transmission or distribution;
(e) at railroad equipment or facilities including any sign or signal;
(f) within Utah State Park designated camp or picnic sites, overlooks,
golf courses, boat ramps and developed beaches; or
(g) without written permission to discharge the dangerous weapon
from the owner or person in charge of the property within 600 feet of:
(i) a house, dwelling or any other building; or
(ii) any structure in which a domestic animal is kept or fed, including
a barn, poultry yard, corral, feeding pen or stockyard.

Even then, if anyone is annoyed or feels threatened by your shooting, they may call you in and their story may be different than what actually happened or you feel happened and the police will probably have to side with the concerned citizen. My paranoid view anyway...
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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