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hows deer creek?

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im heading up to stay over 2 nights at deer creek. any body know how the fishing is up there? i'll be in my pontoon sat morning and prob the middle provo friday evening! thanks B
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Went last Saturday afternoon/evening and had a blast! Targeted bass with just about everything I could throw at them... even caught a couple on top. Good Luck!
dont bass fish much but would like to try it. jigging or lures? deep or shallow? (i do have a fishfinder) if you dont mind throwing me a few tips
I wish I could get out to the deeper water but I just fish from shore. Need to get me a toon! Curly-tailed plastic grubs in smoke and green pumpkin seed colors worked well for me as well as plastic crayfish imitations.
ok thanks for the tips yeah get a toon! ive had mine for two years and love it. usually dont go on deer creek due to high traffic but hoping the low water will keep the masses away!!! i'll let you know how i do this weekend!!!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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