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Hunting Elk

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Hey everyone,

Im currently residing over here at the afb and i havent been here too long so im not extremely familiar with the area. I didnt get lucky enough to get a Mule Deer tag so Im thinking bow hunting elk. The only problem is I have never elk hunted before (originally Im from Arkansas). Just looking to hear from you guys on some tips on maybe where to go for public land elk (Uinta Mtns, N. and S. Slope?? etc.), what would be the best tactics, like going a day early and camping up high in the mtns. Thank you guys and even if i dont get to kill one, the experience alone and the wilderness will keep me coming back for me.
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If this is your first time hunting elk, I would recommend going to one of the spike units and trying for a cow or spike. There are way more elk and your chances are much better going in blind.
I agree with hunting the spike units and taking on a cow if you manage to get close enough to one to stick it.

Also while a lot of it pertains to Colorado there is a lot of information that you can get from the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Elk Hunting University online course. In it there is a lot of information that pertains to any state that you are planning on hunting elk in. And for a first time hunter is should help a lot.
Thank yall. Now for the tags, if I were to get one of the Archery Elk- Hunters Choice tag, does that mean if a bull, cow or spike walk out i can shoot either or would I have to get strictly a Spike Bull only tag? And if I get the Spike only- Any legal weapon does that cover archery hunting?
With the any legal weapon hunt, you can hunt with a bow but it has to be during the any legal weapon season, which starts October 3rd.
If you are strictly planning on archery hunting during august and september, you just want to get the archery hunters choice tag. The tag covers the whole state, but regs are different based on whether you are on a spike or an any - bull unit.

Any bull units: you can shoot any elk, whether it's a bull (including spikes), cow, or calf.

Spike only(limited entry bull units) on most units you can shoot a spike, cow, or calf. There are, however, a few units where you may only shoot a spike.
Ill go with the archery hunters choice then! I appreciate the help and Im sure whatever i can manage to get will be an adrenaline rush with my bow.
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