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Hunting in Alaska

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Does anyone have any information on hunting in Alaska. I would like to know if you apply for a license do they charge you the full cost of the license up front like Wyoming or do they just charge you an application fee like here in Utah.
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You have to purchase a $85 non-resident annual hunting license before you apply. You can do that online and then print it out at home. Any locking tags will be mailed to you later.
What are you planning to hunt?
Bear, moose, caribou. I know that application period is open right now for some species I just don't want to apply and have them take the full tag amount like Wyoming does. So I just need to purchase the non resident hunting license and then I can apply?
I hunted back when it was all OTC. We flew in, took a cab over to the sporting goods store and bought the permits and everything needed.

How long ago was that Dallon? And what did you hunt?
Caribou in the Mulchatna Drainage... would have to have been 1997 or 98.

Much of the state is still otc, there are just select units/subunits that you have to draw tags for
Cool thanks for the info I'll look into it more
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