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Hunting Near The Rest Area

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What are yalls thoughts on hunting close to rest areas? If you are not in the rest area are you good? How far away is fair game? in my mind as long as you are a couple hundred yards away its fair game. Curious to hear what you think.
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as long as you're far enough away that your wounded birds don't go in the rest area.
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I believe you can hunt right at the line just not over it, but I would double check with the fish cops first to get their take on it.
In the rest area = bad. Out of the rest area = good. There is a reason they have posted signs indicating where the rest area is. As long as you are outside out it you have nothing to worry about. I would give consideration to retrieving your game as the excuse to retrieve lost game would not be a valid excuse to be caught in the rest area. I too have given some thought to hunting closer to the rest area boundry. One group seems to like the south east corner and hunt maybe one hundred yards from the corner.
I called on a guy that drove his car out to the rest area and shot 2 ducks and a goose. Officer Craig or Graig Mullins was out there in about 6 minutes flat and wrote the guy up. The feds don't screw around when it comes to crossing them signs. So pick your shots carefully, keep a good distance to not sail anything over to the safe area, and I wouldn't even make an attempt in retrieving one if it does. Who's to say you shot it legally?
Several years ago on my swan hunting excursions, I regularly saw people on Unit 1A hunting within 5-10 yards of the boundary, and the officer there never bothered anyone about it. These people did occasionally wound birds they couldn't get, which is a shame IMO.

I do think you would get cited if you hunt along the edge and shoot a bird you know would fall in the closed zone. If you're 100 yards away and you wound a bird that sails into the closed zone, that's probably a different story.
Be careful hunting over there, some areas are pretty deep getting over the canal. And mud can be deep in other areas.
How does anyone know what rest area he is talking about? AM I MISSING SOMETHING?
Doesn't matter where specifically. We are talking about any area where legal hunting grounds transition to a rest boundary area.
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