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Hunting with youngsters

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Took my three year old boy out today for the first time. He kept things interesting and made the time fly by a little fast. At one point he tried to crawl out of the boat and I am glad I caught him before he did. He kept me on my toes and kept telling me "there's a duck" I would say "where" and he said "your to slow, you missed it." It was some great fun. I was able to harvest one bird today but it was just a perk. I could have sat out there all day and not shoot a shot.
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Here is a pic of him holding the hen mallard I shot.


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Awsome! I'm taking my 3, 6, and 8 year olds on a doe antelope hunt this weekend. I can't wait even though it's only a doe hunt!
Thread of the year!! What you have their is more cherished than anything else waterfowling can provide! The only way it gets better is to bring him along as often as you can!
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He is mad at me this morning because he wants to hunting and I have to go to work. This kid reminds me of me when I was growing up.
Love the picture, great smile. It just makes me wonder what is going through his mind.

"Dinner", or " Just a few more years and you would have been mine"
that awesome. nice job
Very cool . I hope you have hear protection for him my nephew blasted my 14 year girl her ears are still ringing :(
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