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Hyrum October 7th 2007

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This Time The Adventure continues and up to hyrum we go

after the friday-saturday storm i was worried that the fishies wouldnt want to come out to play, but like i always say you cant catch fish if you dont put your line in the water. on our way up to logan we stopped for a short stop at the Hyrum Dam to see if our Offering would be accepted Or Spit Back In Our Faces. Trust me there is nothing more disgusting than a spiting fish _/O . I wanted some perchies and so i put on a worm and mallow combo and casted out. dad with his PB Rig and My Mom With her Rapala. Nothing Happening on my end so i wander away from my pole to do only who know's what and i heard some comotion and my mom has a bass on her rapala its a black and silver sinking rapala. and i'm like that's just great mom keep up the good work. turned my attention back to my pole and noticed it starting to move out and at this point i'm like Hello Fishy Thief. grabbed the pole and Whamo Fishy in custody. a local Rainbow theif of only 13 inches. Done in by his greed and taste for a juicy worm. and who could blame him. those Jet puff Marshmallows are to DIE For When Combined With a Nightcrawler its like PB And Jelly Only For Fishies.

Dad Is Not A Happy Camper at this Moment cause his Offerings are Being Rejected while mine was deemed acceptable. ha ha ha better luck next time. My Mom On there other hand has moved over to my left and is tossing out here Rapala When i here those Words every angler wants to hear "GRAB THE NET, GRAB THE NET" I look over dumb founded and she has What appears to be is 20+ inches long and over 4 lbs. But by the time i found the next and got back to her. Her Monster Fish was Gone Forever back into the Deep It Went. I Swore it looked like a Brown, But she Swore it was A Tiger Trout. Whatever it was It was BIG. On Our family's scale of bigness.

I Continued with My Worm. Hoping for those little theif's to come by and rip me off and in no time i had a mob of little bait robbers and i managed to capture 15 of them. and i put each one on trial. they jury consisted of 3 rainbow's 3 bass and 3 perch and 3 bluegills, it took less than 5 minutes to come back with a verdict. "NOT GUILTY BY REASON OF ENTRAPMENT"

I Vow This To All You Bait ROBBIN Fishies I'LL Be Back And You'll ALL PAY!!!! :roll:

P.S Dad Left Empy Handed With Fish Spital All Over His Face P.U. now here is the Tecnical Data. You've been Waiting For. Drum Roll Please *-band-*

Place Fished: Hyrum
Date Fished: October 7th 2007
Started Fishing: 10:15 am
End Fishing: 12:45 p.m.
Weather: Sunny and Breezy
People in Party: 3
Fished From Shore: Spillway
Rod Details: Storm Thunder Stick 6 Foot
Reel Details: Synergy 10 by shakespear
Line Used: 6 lbs mono
Sinker Size: 2 Medium split shot
Hook Size: #10 Treble
Fish Species Targeted: Rainbows, Perchies
Rainbows Harvested: 1
Perch Landed: 25
Bass Landed: 4
Total Fish Landed: 30
Total Fish Harvested this trip: 1
Successful Bait’s: Worms
Successful Lure: Black and Silver Rapala
Soak Time between Bites and recast: 7 to 10 Minutes

Overall Good Fishing For Perch, Fair For Bass, Slow For Trout
Rainbow Ranged in the 12-13 inch size typical
Bass Ranged in the 5-6 inch Range.
Perch Ranged in the 7-8 inch Range

Do Me a Favor And Takesomeone Fishing Next time you Go.

This has been another wonderful adventure Featuring Takemefishin

next time on the Takemefishin Reports I'll Visit ROCKPORT see ya all there

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:lol: Nice job roughin' up those thieves. I'm sure they're glad the jury was merciful.

Have fun at Rockport.
Very entertaining report :lol: :lol: :lol:

I was on the edge of my seat waiting for the verdict......
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