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I always think about this

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Exhibit A as to why you always take your gun/bow while taking a dump. Wild…..

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I doubt it. A used old beater with 200,000 miles on it costs $135,000 now. Thats pretty steep for a highschool kid.

$135,000 ???? Does it say Kenworth on the hood and grill?
No it says TUNDRA
I paid 225k for brand new built home in 2017. That was a lot of money for me brand new married, with a kid on the way. It appraised for 515k in November. That’s hard to believe 😐

I bought a 2004 tundra in 2008 for 16k with 65,000 miles on it. Drove the wheels off that thing, sold it in 2013 with 160,000 miles on it for 22k. Same thing with the last tundra I bought. Paid 18 for it, did some stuff to it, lift, wheels, tires, tuner, bumpers…. Sold It for 26 with 85k more miles on it that it had when I bought it. Toyotas are worth the investment. And the best hunting/off road capable vehicles on the market without any major modifications.

for a starter truck I’d spend a little more and get a nicer to tacoma. Level kid and a decent set of MTs on it, that thing will go anywhere.
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