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I always think about this

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Exhibit A as to why you always take your gun/bow while taking a dump. Wild…..

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Hey, did you ever buy your truck?
We are awaiting a response from you in the ‘Vehicle’ section.
I doubt it. A used old beater with 200,000 miles on it costs $135,000 now. Thats pretty steep for a highschool kid.
Thank God I bought my house when it was "only" $300K 🙄. Most of these younger generations are gonna live in a cube adjoined to someone else's cube, maybe even stacked on top of someone else's cube.

A guy makes a thread about a guy shooting a deer with a poopy butt and we turn it into a discussion about the rising cost of getting by. We sure know how to derail a thread, don't we?
1 - 2 of 16 Posts