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I bought an 870 express super mag this year. I love this gun. I can shoot better than I ever have with it. I took it out on the opener of the duck hunt, it was raining hard saturday. I didnt think anything of it at the time. When we got back to the house from the hunt I cleaned the gun inside and out. Left all my gear by the fireplace to dry out. On sunday morning when I went to put my gun back in its case to go hunting again I noticed a funny look on the butt stock. I looked closer and the grain was raised and the finish was coming off. This was the first hunt this gun had been on. :shock: I have had a couple of shotguns with wood stocks before, and have never had this problem. So what do I do? Should I call Remington and bitch, :evil: or should I just refinish it right? It looks like the water got between the recoil pad, the receiver and the stock. I do some wood work and I know that it should be common practice to finish the end grain of the wood, as to seal it off. Anyway just wondering if anyone else has ever encountered this with a Remington with a wood stock, or anyother gun? My old mossberg used to get really wet with me on some duck hunts and I never had a problem with it like this. IT JUST MAKES ME MAD! :evil:
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it seems that you might like the finish better if you do it your self, in the long run you might save yourself some heart ache. You know it will take them up to six months to redo the stock or even just put another one on. call them and find out what your options are. or even take a picture and e-mail them also.
You realize that the 870 Express is Remington's basic no-frills, loss-leader 870 and that you can run into some cost-cutting on birch wood finish perhaps - depending on the production run. I would just buy Remington's synthetic stock kit and replace the wood. Then you don't have to worry about the weather. It also comes with a recoil pad (although not a great one). Get the camouflage version for hunting rather than the black.
If it were me I would refinish it myself. Over the long run a guy can get really attahed to a gun that he has had to put his own sweat into.
I would have just gotten the sythetic stock but Im kinda partial to wood stocks. Just like the look better. That and I dont like the Idea of plastic, although I did have a stoger model 2000 in synthetic. I think I will just finish it my self. Although I am going to let Remington know.
I mostly have synthetic stocks, but I like the wood much better. It is a work of art and has alot more soul to it. My next rifle will definantly have the wooden stock.
Go down to Sportsmen's and get a synthetic stock for it. You can even get a camo one for around $60. Money well spent in my book.
I like the wood much better
Im kinda partial to wood stocks
I hear what you are saying, but the cheap plain no-grain birch stock on the 870 Express definitely isn't walnut in looks to me. If you had the 870 Wingmaster with a walnut stock - I would like that without a doubt, and take pains to refinish it, but anymore I would rather have a good camouflage synthetic than plain-jane budget birch. Walnut is different.
Still, you aren't out anything refinishing the plebian birch.

To cut costs, I have read that many gun makers don't seal the ends and sometimes where the action fits on their budget guns - as you have found out.
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