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I love a sexy red head!

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Took this fella on saturday.

Sorry about the pic. Its from my camera phone.
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Nice bird... we had one come screaming through our dekes a couple weeks ago but weren't able to drop him. They sure are pretty.
Nice! I managed to smack one on Saturday as well. Congrats!
Nice bird, I had a crew of about nine skim my decoys friday morning and all I could do is watch in amazement. Not a single shot fired at them even though they were within 25 yards. It was just cool to watch them work the decoys.
good looking bird. thats the only kind of red heads i like.
DJ, here's some more redheads you guys can drip drool over.... :lol: Just thought I'd throw them up because they're not copyrighted and they're some of the many pics on my computer. I'd love to get one for the wall.

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Alot of guys have been smackin the Redheads. We"ve shot three on the last 2 hunts. I just hope a few stick around so I can get a stud for the wall. The few we have got are not there enough just yet for wallhangers. Been trying for several years now, maybe this year it will come around.
Spotted some out on the BRBR yesterday and am going out tomorrow to see if I can bag a couple. Saw some Cans out there too. I'm a bit disapointed in the total number of ducks out there however.
I'll let you all know how successful I am.
i got one last year on the youth hunt... they sure are good lookin birds hop i can get another one soon
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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