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I was wondering

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Last night at a meeting I was at the topic of how to 'win' the general public over. The comment was made the two worst words to put in print are; kill and shot. What do you all think? Should we be all PC and say 'code' words like, took, harvested, or should we avoid mentioning the 'ending' altogether? I say we should not throw in it peoples faces, yet I don't think we should hide what we are doing or attempting to do when we head into the hills with rifle/bow/muzzy in tow, which is KILL. Anyhow, this subject has bothered me for a long time and I am curious what everyone else thinks? Do we kill big game, or do we harvest big game?

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I harvest by killing.
yes it is true that when we head for the hills we intend to "kill". i do not have a problem with this and 99% of the people that i work with don't have a problem with it either. even the ones that claim to be members of peta understand what i plan on doing. the thing is i don't go around bragging about how many times i have killed in the past. and when the subject comes up if you handle it with a humility about it not being boastful and seemingly blood thirsty most people will understand. but if i had to choose i would use the word "harvest" over kill when in the company of the general public.
It does seem that the word "kill" does more relate to a sensless or barbaric act with no positive outcome.
I prefer the use of "taken" when speaking to someone that isn't in the "loop".
It is sad that these days two words can have the same meaning but if you use the wrong one you get burned.
The government are professionals at this. :mrgreen:
I'd go with harvest also. It is just that these days everyone is getting there poor little feelings hurt all the time and this just seems to me to be less of a problem. and it is more in line with the retoric of the fish and game depts. to use the word harvest. or so it seems to me.
I try to use the word harvest all the time. I feel that word is giving more respect to the animal that was taken then saying I killed this or that. This has nothing to do with being PC, I am one who could careless what people think, but it all comes down to respect for the animal.

I will say one thing that gets me going, is when people do harvest an animal, they go out of their way to make sure their animal is on display when they go down the road. I am all for showing off animals and there is a certain time and place for that. But to go out of ones way to show it off on purpose is childish. They might as well just have a big johnson contest, because that is exactly what they are doing. :mrgreen:
excrement i have been using the wrong word all this time.
:rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:
I also like to use PC words.
Instead of narrow minded idoit, I substitute the word "peta".
I think PC terms are only necessary if you're trying to hide your true attitude. I used to think it was clever, but then found that attitude always shows regardless of language. If the attitude is that killing is what the hunt is all about, pretty words won't hide the fact. On the other hand, if the overall experience and adventure is more important than the actual kill, using the word won't offend anybody.
I try to use "PC" words when I am around the general public. If someone is going to disagree with me and hunting, the way I talk about it is not going to change there mind. But, it may lessen the effect both graphicly and mentally. Thereby hopefully changing there overall perception of me and hunting. Although when asked how I could, or why I "took" an animals life (which happens quite frequently). I never cheap'n the fact that when I "take" an animals life I am "killing". I let them know that I understand that "killing" an animal is not something I take very light hearted.
I think we should use the word "catch". It makes it easy to respond to the question about whether I caught an elk. Catch and release, though, is not an option.
I had a writing class in school in which this idea was the first topic that we discussed. In many instances, such as the one we are talking about now, terms like "shot" or "kill" are being censored, and other terms are inserted in their place. Many hunters who are sensitive to the feelings of those outside the hunting realm try to use these words to make hunting seem less barbaric or less inhumane. In my opinion, although less "harsh", the use of these terms can just mask the true meaning of what is really intended. By doing this, individuals may perceive that they are being looked at condescendingly, as thought they were not smart enough to figure out that the animal actually died. The term for using alternate words to mask or make things PC is called "Doublespeek". As silvertip said, the government, lawyers, politicians and advertisers have been using it for centuries. I feel that although we need to be aware of others feelings and opinions, we shouldn't be apologetic or feel that we need to hide anything. After all, don't we also have rights to our own feelings and opinions?
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People that know I hunt, both hunters and non-hunters, just ask, "Did you get one?" I then reply yes I got one or no I did not get one and that's that. The words kill, harvest, shoot, etc... don't come up because they know what it means to "get" one. I always chuckle when I hear people ask other hunters, "Did you catch one?" I have yet to catch a deer or elk and have no plans to change that.

I will add that I work with the government, politicians, judges, and lawyers (and you thought your job was tough) and when I can I talk hunting at work. For example, when recently asked why I'm off all next week, I tactfully tell them I will be hunting elk with my family. If they want more details, I feed it to them slowly, watching carefully for signs of the gag-reflex. If I see them trying to swallow their revulsion with my passion for hunting, then I don't give details of the pursuit/kill and focus on the aspects of family time, tradition, being out in nature, etc... If they are unable to stomach my passion for hunting, the discussion is over.

The point is, I want to be the one that explains, and in some cases defends, hunting with my non-hunting or anti-hunting peers. I don't want their only exposure to hunting coming from PETA, The Humane Society, or any other anti-hunting group.

I say, be proud of our hunting heritage, be bold, but don't be overbearing. With that said, I hope you all kill, not catch, the elk/waterfowl of your dreams this opening weekend.
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Well said ChaserOfAllBirds. Thats interesting.

After all we do indeed KILL. I dont see a good reason to sugarcoat the word by using other "masking" words. Let's just call it what it is.

It cracks me up when someone asks me If I "caught" one this year. Yeah, I caught him alright!

Maybe the words dispatch and slay would be more appropriate. ?

C'mon....let's call a spade a spade.....honestly! ! ! ! Since when do us hunters, outdoorsmen (true outdoorsmen), good-ol-boys, mountain men....whatever the case may be, ever conform to the comulib *ss holes that want to be P. C. about every **** thing in the world........why should we change to make other people feel good? WE KILL....it's not a blood thirsty thing it's just reality....no need to throw it in people's faces but definately don't be ashamed of it....use whatever word you want.........forget about what the anti's say.
Hardwater said:
"People that know I hunt, both hunters and non-hunters, just ask, "Did you get one?" I then reply yes I got one or no I did not get one and that's that. I say, be proud of our hunting heritage, be bold, but don't be overbearing.
Thats just it..... you can use whatever words you want... but don't be so over the top about it that you're just flat out obnoxious. An idiot will always be an idiot and most people can tell who the idiots are right away, regardless of what side of the hunting vs. anti fence you're on.
How about Herd Management?? I've always just said I'm going hunting. If someone question's me that seems a little sensitive I tell them I'm going to manage the heard! They usually have nothing else to say after that. :lol:
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