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My first Area 51 report!

Felt like crap with the flu or something. Told my wife I could lay on the couch under some blankeys or dress up warm and sit on the ice. Rockport is close so it's the place for me to go for a couple hours.

Didn't get to the lake until after 2:00 pm. There were a number of groups out and it was cold. It's -3 at my house as I'm writing.

I go in at the Two Coves campground and walk up the lake to the rock outcroppings. I think there is current in the lake and it swings out along this structure. At any rate I usually do OK there.

I must have drilled a dozen holes from 25' to 10' . It was pretty slow. Left as the sun was going down with two and missed two others.

I just fish Powerbait a foot off the bottom. I had better luck in the shallower water.

Is there a fishing tourney coming to Rockport? I assume they keep most of the fish they cathch? That put a dent in fish numbers.

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I had the same experience recently at Rock Port. Doesn't seem like there's much going on under the ice.

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Rockpore is stocked very well.
Just look at last years DWR fish stocking report.

ROCKPORT RES Summit RAINBOW 30085 3.57" 03/20/2012
ROCKPORT RES Summit RAINBOW 10350 4.77" 05/25/2012
ROCKPORT RES Summit RAINBOW 37740 2.57" 06/06/2012
ROCKPORT RES Summit RAINBOW 10778 7.33" 07/19/2012
ROCKPORT RES Summit RAINBOW 12800 8.55" 10/02/2012
ROCKPORT RES Summit RAINBOW 6700 8.55" 10/09/2012
ROCKPORT RES Summit RAINBOW 7200 8.55" 10/09/2012
ROCKPORT RES Summit RAINBOW 6400 8.55" 10/09/2012
ROCKPORT RES Summit RAINBOW 12236 8.62" 10/10/2012
ROCKPORT RES Summit RAINBOW 6480 8.55" 10/10/2012
ROCKPORT RES Summit RAINBOW 12464 8.62" 10/11/2012
ROCKPORT RES Summit RAINBOW 6232 8.62" 10/15/2012

If you are not catching many fish, move around and try to locate fish that are actively feeding.
I find the trout to usually be in water that is close to the shore. Sometimes I fish in 8' of water and do well.
As a rule of thumb, at Rockport I look for Perch in water that is over 40' deep and trout in water that is under 20' deep.
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