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I'm not a boater, but I was out there today.

There were boats out on Turpin all day. It looked like most didn't have any trouble getting out to at least the second bridge, but those who went farther needed to push or break ice (but they didn't seem to have a bad time, for the most part). Some made it out well past the 5th bridge.

I'm inclined to say it won't be long before it's locked up tight, but with as many boats as there are out there, they might just keep a channel opened up all winter long. There were probably at least 10-15 trailers in the parking lot this morning.

BTW, not a ton of birds around, but more than I expected after reading all the dismal reports on here. I was pleasantly surprised, and our group had a good time today.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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