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If the planet goes boom

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Been curious to see how others are approaching the current nuclear threats. I know there is a wide range of preparedness here.

Our household is better stocked then we were in Jan 2020 but I've still been adding what we can afford.

That said, my general approach to Putin's madness is to accept there isn't anything I can really do beyond general preparedness. To be honest, I'm not even sure I'd want to survive a true nuclear volley given the size of the arsenal at play.

Do others actually think folks of average means can do much at this weird moment? Are others actually preparing to live off of Twinkies and 6 legged toads?
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I found this brazen propaganda up Diamond Fork tonight and you guys are worried about nukes?

What the bleep! Even the street signs have a blatant left wing agenda. D*&n liburls. I guess this means we can ignore traffic signs now. And my impressionable daughter just got her learners permit. :mad:

Anyway, where were we? Oh, a post atomic dystopian hellscape. First off, I guess if a Russkie nuke scores a direct hit over Happy Valley, it won't matter much how much food, water, or ammo I have in the pantry or safe. If its something less horrific, Yes, we do have a decent supply of all of the above to get through at least one nuclear winter or significant disruption. I suppose I also have sufficient faith that something that severe won't happen. I worry more about natural disasters or maybe political unrest, but think the odds favor less cinematic outcomes.

Finally, even though the Mad Max outfit is a little snug, both the missus and I have enough esoteric skillz that a roving band would eagerly want us to be part of the "pack", and we could barter our way through.
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If someone drops the bomb, screw the possession limits!!!

One of my favorite "Far Side" comic entries.

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