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If the planet goes boom

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Been curious to see how others are approaching the current nuclear threats. I know there is a wide range of preparedness here.

Our household is better stocked then we were in Jan 2020 but I've still been adding what we can afford.

That said, my general approach to Putin's madness is to accept there isn't anything I can really do beyond general preparedness. To be honest, I'm not even sure I'd want to survive a true nuclear volley given the size of the arsenal at play.

Do others actually think folks of average means can do much at this weird moment? Are others actually preparing to live off of Twinkies and 6 legged toads?
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I found this brazen propaganda up Diamond Fork tonight and you guys are worried about nukes?
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I occasionally get sentimental and realize I use to be able to backpack into Diamond Fork and not see a soul for 2-3 nights. Just me, a tarp, and hot springs.
Tonight up Diamond Fork I could occasionally go 2 or 3 seconds without seeing anybody.
But were any of them cute?
Yeah, but they didn't look like they would smell very good. Westfalia van, kinda earthy look. You get my drift.
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I fixed the sign!
Beliiiiieeeevin' Hold on to that feeeeeliiiiinnn
I'm 71 years old and dating.

Uh...a nuclear calamity could be an improvement.
At least you have a target rich environment over there in Evingston! My 37 year old brother is newly divorced and dating. Says it's pretty rough. If I ever find myself single again I will probably just turn into a monk. You forgot to claim your TOTP, Goob.
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