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Inches verses Pounds

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I see posts here that tell of fish weighing 5#, 8# and larger.
When I fish the Green River, I will catch some of my largest Trout of the year. [18" to 22"]
I have no idea what they weigh because I don't take a scale with me and I don't know of many fishing scales that are accurate enough to use.
Why don't more people list the size of their fish instead of the weight.
I can relate to the size of a fish and believe it to be accurate much more than guessing the weight.
So how about everyone else.
Would you rather see posts giving weight or length?
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Always length...at least an honest guess, but always give an idea.

I don't care about the weight all that much, but if it's available, why not? It's another dimension to add to a fish's description.

If someone says 24 inches, I'd like to see a photo. Not because I don't believe you, I just like looking at 24 inch fish.

If someone tells me they caught 10 bows over 2lbs, that gives me some idea, but I'd rather they said they caught 10 rainbows over 17 inches.

Either way though, giving as much description about the catch as possible is always welcome.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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