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Is more better?

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I'm headed out tomorrow afternoon for the first hunt of the season. I have a small 14ft boat made in the 60's and it can barely fit 3 people. Tomorrow I'm taking out a buddy and a first time duck hunter. As I was getting things ready and loading the boat I realized I have about 7dz decoys and without thinking I threw them all in the boat, then I realized I don't have room for 3 hunters. Seeing all the decoys I got thinking is more decoys really better? Are there sitiuation where less is better? And what are those situations to use more or to use less?
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I think it really depends on where you set up. Big open water areas, yes more is better most of the time. Small holes you can get away with a lot less decoys. I do like bigger spreads during the early part of the season.
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just take 4 doz, leaves three spaces for yous guys. We used to use 2-3 decoys when hunting small ponds or streams...singles or pairs seem to like small speads.
So I'm still learning do you feel there are better ways to set up that many decoys and if so what's the best way to do?
The "J" method works good. Sometimes a "W" pattern seems to be the trick. And sometimes I just throw them all out and hope for the best. I always try to leave a "hole" in the decoys where the birds can land, and if there are multiple shooters I will create multiple holes. (depending on decoy spread size) If I am hunting divers and puddle ducks at the same time, I will always set the diver decoys in a straight line on the outside edge from the puddle decoys.
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Thanks fowlmouth I appreciate the advice.
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