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Is this legal?

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Can you hunt the red area? I've always thought about it but never knew if it was okay or not?
What about the blue area?
Green = south parking lot
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Red area: I'm 99% sure you can't.
Blue area: I'm 99% sure you can.

I took a walk down there last year. It seems like the clubs have their property marked pretty well.
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You can only hunt the red area as a member or guest of the New State. The blue area is okay. Check the DWR map, it's clearly marked.
The map I looked at, the only thing that's marked is a rest pond.

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Here is a tool that I use to determine if I might be able to hunt an area: http://slco.org/assessor/new/query/intropage.cfm

Note that this link doesn't work well on phones and should be used on a desktop or laptop.

Hope this helps.
Your red is a little bit big. But its well posted as no trespassing no hunting, buffer zone.
Blue is OK.
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