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It's never too late

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Here's a cool story from one of my neighbors.

Up until just a couple years ago, I would see her jogging around the neighborhood.
Now she just walks a couple miles daily.
I hope I can still do that at 80+
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Just amazing.

Good for her. What a great story.-----SS
Wow what a gal.
I thought this was a pretty cool story! If that ain't motivation to live a healthy lifestyle! about the only chance I have to hunt LE elk in this state again.
Amazing story, I love the positive attitude this woman has!
The comment board on this story is full of anti hunters. Sad how ignorant and hateful some are towards hunting.
There's really only one anti-hunting comment, maybe a few slightly snide comments. I was going to comment myself but there's like 50 people congratulating her already. When it's not right in front of them it's easy for people to forget that animals die for them every day. I'm sure your average vegan uses a dozen things every day that wouldn't be possible without animal products, and that's only if you count stuff that has glue in it and plastics that use beef grease to loosen them from the molds they're formed in.

Not to mention that it's so much better for a beef steer to stand in it's own excrement for two years while it's fattened up to be slaughtered and sent to the supermarket than to have an animal live happy and free for several years and then be killed instantly by a bullet instead of starving to death in old age or eaten alive by a predator.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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