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The J dike was located just North of the airboat channel at Farmington Bay. When the 1983 floods happened it was wiped out. I believe the footprint of the dike is still there, but that is all. The J dike was not an enclosed impoundment, it just went out in the lake and did a hook toward goose egg island. I believe the new plan for the J dike is to completely impound the area with a dike system and fill it with water from unit 1 and Farmington Creek.

So where are we at with this project? For 3 years now money has been raised from the "Slam Band" program, with the understanding that these funds as well as government funds will be used for this and other waterfowl related projects.
This quote is from the DWR page.
"How the money will be spent
Money raised from the Waterfowl Slam will be used for projects on the Division's Waterfowl Management Areas. Here are a few of the projects that will be completed using Waterfowl Slam money:

Restoring the J-Dike at Farmington Bay (currently underway)
Cleaning ditches to improve water flows at Public Shooting Grounds
Improving nesting habitat at Redmond
Removing phragmites
Improving access at Bicknell Bottoms
Construction work at Browns Park Pond
Access on Utah Lake
Creating a new unit at Ogden Bay
More projects will be added in the future."

I didn't see any construction going on with the J dike when I was there on the Youth Hunt. I hope those funds are going for the intended projects.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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