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January Cow Elk hunt Currant Creek

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Hey everyone, trying to get some help here. Some guys I was in the Marines with drew some non resident cow elk tags for late season January for currant creek. They are from Tennesse, Minnesota, and California, guy from Minnesota should be ok, but the other two might be in for a shock. Anyways, I'm pretty familiar with the currant creek area, but I have no idea where the herds will be in January. Anyone have any experience or knowledge for the herds up there in January?
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It all depends on the snow level.
The cow herds are definitely thinning in that area a lot harder of a hunt then it used to be. As said depends on the snow level. Last year they held up high mostly on private property where they were safe
Probably not what out of staters especially want to hear, but the statements above are correct. Last year I had that tag, I never put eyes on a single cow elk. Not even from a distance in the spotting scope. Spent time walking and glassing in areas they "should" have been, but due to lack of snow, weren't. There was enough snow to make accessing the high country too difficult, but not enough for the elk to care or move.

If you have access to horses this will change your odds if there is another light snow year.
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