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This is my second year of hunting pheasants in Kansas. I love hunting pheasants and since there are no birds to speak of in our state. Kansas was the next best choice for me and the gang. We left on Sunday the 2nd of December and stayed the whole week. We arrived on Monday afternoon and the weather was in the 60's and dry. Not good weather for the dogs or the birds holding. We were on our own for the first 3 days and then had some family and friends help out onto some private land. Boy did that make a difference.
When we would walk in the fields the birds would starting taking off 50-60 yards out in front of us 30- 40 at a time. It was cool to see that many birds in a field or corner. Unfortunlately, I didn't get any pics of them as I was too busy trying to get close enough to get a shot.

Here is our best day for the first 3 days of hunting the walk in areas

After the first 3 days the cold weather set in and helped us out on our success rate as well the private land we were able to hunt.

My first Ice Storm
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