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Everything in the picture included.
Walnut grips, 3 clips, holsters, reload cases.
I also have a set of the black rubber grips that it came with if I can find them, and another Bianchi holster that is a small of the back model also in leather.
I have probably a box and a half of live rounds that are not in the picture.
The blue boxes are filled with reloadable. One box has primers in them already, the others are just brass.
I have a cleaning kit I can throw in as well. It's a nice little self contained one.
It has an extended slide release but really that's all the mods I have done to it.
It shoots awesome, just as you'd expect from a Kimber.

It's a steel at $500.

PM me here or call me on my cell 801-647-7304
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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