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First I would like to say howdy, I used to be on that forum that decided to close. I found this and so here I am. *()*
I was up on Kolob for the week end and went fishing up at the lake Sunday morning. It was the best that I ever done up there. I wish the size limit had been smaller. I got to the lake about 9:00 am, launched the float tube near the dam and kicked around a bit. Forth cast came up with the first fish, about 14" After about ten minutes more I changed up lures and got blown off the lake. I caught one more from where I beached, he was about 14 inch as well. So far it had been a great morning 2 nice fish in half an hour.
Wrestled the tube back to the truck, and fished right at the dam. From there on I fished from shore, hooked up with one nice fish, at least as big as the previous two, who shook the hook. Got a couple more bits, and hooked another, this one was a monster. He broke my line and got away. Cussing I went back to the truck re-rigged and tried again. This time I hauled in 17" rainbow. After that I headed around the lake a bit, to try my luck elsewhere. Ended up on what was the island, water is pretty low right now, and got me another 16" from there. After that I head home thinking that 18" limit sucks. :x
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