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Land Owner Cow Elk

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Anyone know of any land owner tags out there for cow elk? I saw a post on KSL.com come up over the weekend for Nibley, but after texting and calling and leaving a message with no reply to either, the ad was pulled down. Not sure if they sold all their tags in the few short hours they had it posted or what, but never got a reply. Anyways, there are four or five of us wanting to get tags for the same place so we can hunt together. If anyone knows of a place with tags, PM me please.


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My guess is its too late into the year.....

Infact, many of these LO tags are sold a year in advance.

I've been sitting on some CWMU cow permits that we are going to hunt next week....
Watched a herd of 72 head a couple nights ago, the kids are going to have some fun..:!:..
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