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Last helps and hints?

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I'm starting to get ready for my first deer hunt next week. I have a nothern buck tag and I'm thinking I'll go up Logan canyon because it's one of the only areas in the northern region I'm familiar with. This is my first time hunting anything. I haven't had had much time to scout because I live in the centeral region and cannot get up to logan very often. But I have been scouting in an area where I live hoping maybe I can figure out some generalizations that will be usefull when I get up there. I've also been practicing with my rifle and am shooting moa groups. Can anyone think of any last hints to give me to help me be successful?
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dbarrett5381 said:
Don't shoot anyone
Dbarret you sound like my mom. When I told her I was going hunting she says the exact same thing (along with don't get shot)
I will be up the south side of right hand fork with my brother. So maybe I'll run onto you up there. This country can be hard to hunt. Very thick vegetation, and deep canyons. Get yourself up on a hill with some good views and glass. I have noticed the deer tend to travel just below ridge lines in this area. They seem to hang out between 8000 and 10000 feet until they see about 18" of snow then they start to move down.
The best advice I could give is to try to look at the terrain and head somewhere that you don't think anyone else will head.
I have killed more deer this way just trying off the wall stuff.
Heading up the steepest slope I can find to get on the back side.
Just make sure it's not somewhere that there is a road going to because that really sucks to work your butt off then find out you can drive there :shock:
Steep and Deep heavy timber hideouts.
Just remember to turn that scope power down in the trees :lol:
Good luck!
Like said befor. find a good point opening moring and watch the draws and the hill side and the tress for the deer to be runing up and through the trees. good luck on the hunt.Let us know how you do.
Remember rifle hunting is the best, don't get fed up and go archery hunting, it sucks, not even worth it. :shock:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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