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:D A bus carrying only ugly people crashes into an
oncoming truck, and everyone
>inside dies. As they stand at the Pearly
Gates waiting to enter Paradise and
>meet their maker, God decides to
grant each person one wish because of the
>grief they have
>They're all lined up, and God asks the first one
what the wish is. "I want
>to be gorgeous," and so God snaps His fingers,
and it is done.
>The second one in line hears this and says "I
want to be gorgeous too"
>Another snap of His fingers and the wish is
>This goes on for a while with each one asking to be
gorgeous, but when God
>is halfway down th e line, the last guy in the
line starts laughing.
>When there are only ten people left, this
guy is rolling on the floor,
>laughing his head off.

>Finally, God reaches this last guy and asks him what his wish will
be. The
>guy eventually calms down and says:
'em all ugly again."
Sometimes it's better to be last in line. :D
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