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Late cow tag

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I drew out a late cow tag in snowville, i am desperate in finding a place to hunt out their I know it's mostly private so any help would be appreciated
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You might just make up a flyer and post it around town in Snowville that says you have a tag and are looking for a place to come shoot an elk. Folks in Snowville are nice enough it might just work.
That, or just knock on some ranchers doors well before the date you want to hunt. Some may just be peeved enough by the elk in their fields that they'll let you shoot one.
So far I haven't had any luck knocking on doors and the couple I did get to talk to really didn't want me there was told "well that'll teach ya" but I will have to try the flyers that may work
Don't forget to mention the part about cancer when you're talking to them ;)
And use a couple pictures of the starving kids in Africa.

Go down to the local cafe when the old boys are in there drinking their coffee and talk to them. If they don't have a piece of land for you to hunt on they may know of a piece.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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