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Left Hand Right?

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I just inherited an old left handed recurve. I'm a right handed shooter and can't switch because I'm blind in the left eye. This bow has sentimental value and I'd like to shoot it rather than just stick it in the closet, so I'm questioning a basic concept. Here's the question - is there any technical or practical reason why a right handed shooter can't shoot a left handed bow?
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Okay, but all I have right now is a cell phone cam, so they're crappy shots. 65 lb. draw but it pulls stiff.

I'm not sure who made this bow. The only marking on it is Wasatch Buffalo Hunter, so I figure it's local. All I've done so far is put a new string on it with finger tabs. I'm going to put a new finish on it.

Typical knotheaded me, when I bought my first compound a couple years ago, I gave away all my traditional arrow stuff. (My old recurve split.) So now I need to buy some new arrow makings. Carbon arrows just don't go with a recurve.
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1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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