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Left Hand Right?

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I just inherited an old left handed recurve. I'm a right handed shooter and can't switch because I'm blind in the left eye. This bow has sentimental value and I'd like to shoot it rather than just stick it in the closet, so I'm questioning a basic concept. Here's the question - is there any technical or practical reason why a right handed shooter can't shoot a left handed bow?
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The answer to your question is no.

When you shoot a recurve correctly you shoot with both eyes open. Since you are blind in one eye it should be a snap since you won't be trying to compensate for the left eye/right eye thing. Your arrows will no doubt hit a little different than where you are looking (probably way right to begin) but your brain will make the adjustments and you'll get more dialed in the more you shoot. All instinctive shooting is basically is simply looking at what you want to hit and shooting at THAT spot. After time your brain will coordinate with your hands and eye and you be shooting groups quite nicely.

Have fun.
Fishglymp, aaaaah, she shoots like a girl! :mrgreen:
I tought you how to ginch and loose arrows by making squeaky farty sounds. :twisted:
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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