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Let’s get involved

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Here’s a not surprisingly dry read.
A big scary part of this, is the Utah Lake Amendments from 2018. Why did we, as a state decide to weaken the protections of sovereign state land.

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What our lake needs is more water. Not 500,000 people living on it.
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Did anybody see this? I can’t believe people aren’t up in arms about this.
Mods can we move this thread?
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HB 232 is coming up soon. It’ll create “The Utah Lake Authority” which in my mind is just an untouchable money making scheme for rich developers.
Please, if you give a shat pay attention to this. Speak up about it. Fight it. Talk to your friends, family, coworkers and neighbors about fighting it.
Here’s a link to find your representative to let them know you care about The Utah Lake.

I’m glad you chimed in. You’re kind of the Utah lake “guy” in my mind. I was hoping for a less pessimistic view and more rage though honestly.
I agree that we’ll probably be railroaded here but I can’t help but hope that maybe some kind of movement could be started to at least slow down this train coming our way.
Once this commission gets the powers they’re looking to gain there’ll be no stopping them. Then you might see me on the news like the hippies trying to fight the inland port.

Oh, and that bird was from 2020. That’s all dry this year. Kind of sad to see.
My vote is not guaranteed. Neither should yours or anyone else’s. I emailed my representative and my senator and let them know that I’d be fighting hard against them if they push that land grab forward. It might not mean anything to them.
But….. maybe if they got enough emails they might listen a little.
Thanks for your perspective and thanks for being involved.
I’m not sure the June Sucker will be enough to stop this. These guys claim they can eradicate phragmites, solve world hunger and guarantee open camping spots within 30 minutes of home, on the beach.
I can see they’re trying to provide more access. But none of the new access will be “Utah Lake like” any longer.
Utah Lake has never been deep, never had sandy beaches and never had more than one island. We need to fight to get rid of this company wanting to “fix” our lake. I’m not totally against fixing issues w the lake but I don’t think it should be done in a for profit way.
You ever seen Lake of The Woods on the Canadian border?
Are you sure this is such a bad thing?
If UL was dredged to 30’ and 40 lb. Stripers accidentally grew in there I don’t think it would hurt my feelings much.
This common attitude towards Utah Lake is why I fear this scheme might actually go through.
Most of our population only ever sees the lake as they drive past. Most believe it to be some sort of toxic dump and buy into the talk of it needing to be fixed.
No, I haven’t been to Lake of The Woods. If I was set on being a striper fisherman I’d live on the coast. But then I’d have to here all the tales of how polluted our coastlines are and how I shouldn’t eat anything out of their waters.

Sorry for the pessimistic response. All I wanted to state was our leaders do what they want. Not so much what the general public wants.

How about that Inland Port that nobody wanted but Hughes railroaded through.
You’re good Jerry. I don’t know why but every night after a beer or 3 I get so worked up about this. Every day I tell myself I won’t even get on the internet but here I am again.
Remember the fight against Legacy Highway?
I’m glad guys stood up back then and we still have FB.
This is one that fascinates me, actually. Let's just assume, for the sake of argument, this company could actually do all the things they claim they can do. (For the record, I don't think they can...but for sake of this post, we're assuming they can.) I would actually be in favor of this proposal. Yes, it would change the dynamic of the lake, but with the positives it would bring, that change would be welcomed by me in a big way.

Now, back to reality. I don't think they can do what they claim they can, and therefore, believe this plan should be opposed. It is troubling the lengths that the legislature has gone to clear the way for this. Aside from the environmental issues involved, I think they would receive legal challenges based upon the navigable nature of Utah Lake. I do not believe the state can divest ownership of the beds, or even portions of beds, of navigable waters.
What do you like about the promised stuff? Not trying to bash here because honestly I’m kinda curious to what they could actually do myself.
If they could seriously eradicate phrag I think the state should keep them on full time. I can see the draw for sandy beaches and cold clear water for all the wakeboarding crowds but I’m just not into that.
I can’t help but think of San Francisco Bay. I loved fishing the bay while I was working out there. But what a changed habitat that place is. I can’t fathom all the wetlands lost there.
Sooo… We’re not the only ones talking about this.

I meant to make it to the capitol for this but thought it was tomorrow.
Here’s a more critical look

There’s whispers of a municipality helping to back this hair-brained scheme. Any citizens of Vinyard here? Go to you council meetings and be heard.
I heard that ad yesterday morning and got all worked up again.
We have to shuttle into the job and all the guys in the van w/ me were like WTF? Who shat in your Cheerios? Most of them are from Utah county and are very much against building islands on the lake.
It’s funny, I read something that someone from the “restoration”(development) company said. He was complaining about how his project was being brought to light by nothing but negative opinions and neigh sayers. And then here they are pushing lies on us with expensive ad campaigns.

I seen on Fakebook that HB232 was brought in front of committee today. Anybody hear how that went?
I seen on FB that HB 232 was passed. What a shame. If this commission is anything like The Inland Port well….. here come the dozers.
Man, I’ve tried to get over this and move on. It seems set in stone to me after 232 passed. I can’t help but get pissed off though every time I learn more.
Here’s a page contesting a lot of the b.s. LRS spews. Click on the link to see the fundraising brochure they’ve put out, that says even if they do zero reclamation phase 1 will still provide returns to billionaire investors.

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Hey thanks for the update Dallan. I haven’t been keeping up on the news lately.
I’m glad to hear that some people in power can see past the glitter of the promised wealth from developers.
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