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Let’s get involved

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I served on a committee organized by the DWR and Utah Lake commission about 10 years ago. It was an enjoyable and eye opening experience. The committee ultimately disbanded but I still hear regularly from the commission. The truth is that many stakeholders ARE trying to improve and increase access and opportunities for sportsmen and other recreationalists. Sometimes things don't work out and other times users are their own worst enemies and screw it up for the rest of us. (The Knolls) However, we had some success then in procuring/improving access and it looks like more secure access at Lincoln point is now assured. The point is that not all politicians or bureaucrats are out to get us at least regarding UL but O4F is right, involvement is important.

As the open letter states, basic parameters in water quality have improved over the past few years. There is still a ways to go, but it isn't as polluted as its reputation. That doesn't mean its perfect either, and money and effort towards better water quality is a good investment.

With regards to the island project, I think it is a horrible idea. However, opponents have an ace up their sleeve in preventing it. As long as the June sucker is endangered and in the lake, I don't see major environment altering activities like this island project seeing the light of day. June sucker recovery also has stimulated a lot of money to come in for the various cleanup efforts and habitat improvements. Yet, on fishing and hunting forums like this one, there is an endless stream of bellyaching and whining about the June sucker recovery program. Maybe it is time that we appreciate the effort, both as a vehicle to clean up the lake as well as a protection against idiotic development plans like the island project.
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Thanks for your perspective and thanks for being involved.
I’m not sure the June Sucker will be enough to stop this. These guys claim they can eradicate phragmites, solve world hunger and guarantee open camping spots within 30 minutes of home, on the beach.
Remember, that making claims on a prospectus is a lot different than proving claims under scrutiny and executing the plans. As for the ESA, remember, that ESA litigation would be settled in the Federal court system, so the "home court advantage" of Utah's avaricious and pro development politicians will be neutralized. The ESA (for both good and bad) has been potent in stopping both idiotic and useful development. I realize that for many conservatives, the ESA is not looked upon favorably. Be that as it may, sometimes conservation issues produce strange bedfellows.

I can also tell you that the current Utah Lake Commission, (not the proposed entity) is quite skeptical, as are a number of stakeholders. Now, that doesn't mean that we shouldn't fight this, but I don't think that smooth sailing is assured. I will post a couple more papers on it when I get home from work.

Obviously, we DO want to let our opinions known with our Reps. Thanks for starting the thread.
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Aside from the environmental issues involved, I think they would receive legal challenges based upon the navigable nature of Utah Lake. I do not believe the state can divest ownership of the beds, or even portions of beds, of navigable waters.
Interesting thought. I haven't heard that argument before. I wonder though if there could be a "work-around" devised where the developer leases the land instead? I still think the ESA challenge is especially strong. June suckers are endemic, currently on the endangered list, and I can't see any scenario where that much dredging wouldn't at least temporarily alter the water quality and environment to pose a risk to them. If the Center for Biological Diversity can sue over Bonneville cutts, and win cases regarding wolves and grizzly bears, June sucker litigation is a layup.

I thought I had a couple other documents on the subject but do not. Sorry. 🤷‍♂️

Nice! Although bad ideas where dollar signs and avarice are involved tend to have more lives than an alley cat.

The spokesperson mentioned the project presented significant legal challenges. I do bet the June Sucker/ESA was one. (thank you Junies) I also wonder if the legal questions pointed out by Nilla earlier about lake bed ownership and navigability also shot this thing down?
I would think those experts involved should have raised that question a lot earlier. I guess all those days in the stream access fights weren’t a waste of time! #LongliveUSAC #UtahWaterguardians
Yeah, those were heady times when many of us were trekking up to the Capitol.

Educational for even the non lawyers too.
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