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Well my planes where to hunt for four days. That didnt happen.First day was thanksgiving day.I picked my father-in-law up around 3:45am. We got on the road around 3:50.We got to the boat ramp around 4:30 and was the first boat there then another boat pulled up.I talked to the guy and he asked me if there where birds there and i told him I hope so.So we lunched the boat and head out. We where braking Ice all the way out then the pond opend up for about 100 yards and then there was ice again. So i drive the boat around to break the ice up a little. Then we started to set the decoys out and got that all done and watch the rest of the boats come out. Shooting houre come around and we had ducks allready in the decoys. we end up killing 14 ducks and a goose by 830. we had some young punks to are right sky blasting at swans and ducks clear in the heck up there. I yellad at them to let the ducks and swans work there decoys. why we picked up they got three ducks and didnt pick any of them up and left them there.On the way out we got cheacked and I told them about the kids and he just said that to sad.

Day number 2
I picked my father-in-law up at 4:00 and we head out. we got to the boat ramp at 5:15 and was the first boat to launch again. So we head arcross the pond and was braking thicker ice this time. Well we got to are spot and it had open water. We set the decoys out and got ready. befor shooting hours we had the decoys iced in so i walked around and broke the ice up and got ready. shortly after geting in the boat we had ducks working us. I shot a duck and was out geting it and looked out and seen a loner goose flying by and i left my goose calls in the boat with my gun. So we wacthed the goose go flying by and get killed from some other hunters. Then I got back to the boat and next thing i know we had big o flock of wigeons locked feet out and in to the decoys. Then the next thing I know was we had 14 ducks down and it was only 7:25.The first two day was so fast of a hunt. It was kinda of a good thing so i could get home and spend some time with the wife sent I know the third day was going to be a all day hunt.

For the third day you can go to this link and read the story and pic. I wount post any pic on here because soem reason i have a hard time posting them on here. But I will try soon as i get the pic from my wife for the fist to days and the third day.

here is the link.[url]http://www.bullockoutdoorsforum.co ... php?t=1160[/url] I hope you injoy it.
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