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Looking for a elk hunting partener/ party...

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Looking for a elk hunting partener...

I just lost my hunting partener because he was able to get a limited entry tag... That being the case I am looking for a new partener/ party to join for the upcoming elk hunt. I am looking to hunt South Slope/ Yellowstone/ Vernal for general season Oct 5-17. I am an experienced hunter, however this will be my first elk hunt.
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Hey Crod.
I've got that tag too--South Slope Yellowstone, same dates--and I'm also looking for a hunting partner. I've got three years elk hunting experience, w/ some knowledge but lots still to learn.
What kind of hunt are you wanting to do? Backpacking, day hunting, horse, ATV?
My plan at the moment is to do a spike camp or backpack hunt... Unless I was to join someone that could convince me that wasn't nessicary. But honestly I kinda want to go into the woods and stay in until it's time to come out because our tags are filled or the season is over. I am in shape, and highly motivated.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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