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Looking for a hunting partner

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I have recently moved to Layton, Utah and must say after being here for a week I will call it home. I have hunted whitetail all my life in numerous states. My dream has always been to go on an elk and mule deer hunt well now I get to do just that. I am married with two daughters and I am a very avid hunter. I'm not seeking anyone's honey holes or anything like that. I have been reading a lot about elk hunting, where to hunt around my area, and options for tags. I would like to meet new friends and gain hunting partners this year and through the future. I have acquired most of the gear I need for this years hunt. Because I just moved here I will be hunting the any weapon elk season. If any of you great hunting brotherlen would be willing to let me join you this season or just watch a game and drink a few cold ones I would be more than greatful! Thanks.
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Welcome to utah .should be a few good hunting guys up in that area.
welcome to the forum! what unit did you get the any weapon for?
Pm me and I will direct you in some areas very close to your home, even take you out and show you.
I'm in Layton and hunt both mule deer and elk. I have a spike, control cow and mule deer tags for the Wasatch unit. Pm me and I can talk to u about going out. I have a group for the first week of the elk hunt I hunt with yearly but I wouldn't be opposed to going out and after the first week of the general elk hunt.
If you are not a resident yet, I would look at Colorado or Idaho and hunt Utah next year.
I'm able to get a resident license.
Welcome to Utah and the forum!
Mule deer is out this year but you can still buy a spike or bull elk tag and accompanying elk control tag.

The DWR map app has WMAs and WIAs listed, to give you ideas about where to go:


Here's a species distribution map:

Im relatively new to Utah myself and just figuring things out myself. I dont have any honey holes yet to share even if I wanted to but if you ever want to get out and find some let me know, Id love the company.
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