Items For Trade:

I'm looking for someone that has a tig welder and the skills to weld thin mild steel nicely. I have a trigger guard that I need 1 or 2 pieces welded onto. They are extensions that go on the front and rear I'd the guard and so should be aligned correctly in the X and Y axis to fit my stock. The thinner portion of the guard is around 1/16" I think. The extensions are about 0.090.

I'm putting this in the classifieds as a trade because I'm needing this on very quick turnaround (like a day) because the guy who I was going to have do it didn't do it. He also won't respond to my calls to get my parts back. So I need to spend the time modifying/making new parts and then get them welded if possible. So, I'm hoping I could get these pieces welded together by the weekend. I live in Sandy, so if you're nearby that's great.

A picture of what the work would be is attached.

For trade... I don't know. I have a box of 100 30cal 175 tipped matchking bullets. I could also just pay for the service. I don't know what it's worth so we could discuss that. It seems like it would be a simple job for someone that knows how to weld.

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