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Loosing my focus: Another 2015 BBD

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I'm really having a hard time focusing at the office lately.
With my new screen saver and all.:mrgreen:
All the way back from packing a 30/30 winchester as a youth, to this year. I've always dreamed of killing that mid-thirty inch wide, 200"+ buck but as each year goes by, I realized more and more that it was just a dream.
Then it happened, that buck of a lifetime was in my sights and the rest was history.
Now I find myself staring at my computer screen and imagine how good he's going to look on the wall and what cool things Packout will do with it to bring it back to life.


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Awesome buck. He is a stud that's for sure.
Congrats! What a toad.
If loosing your focus isnt working maybe you could try tightening it.
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So many GREAT bucks harvested this year its unreal.....:!:....
Ridge is just giving you guys a sneak peek. It is what I call a "once-in-a-lifetimer". Congrats to Ridge, he deserves it.
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So ridge, when are you hosting the UWN big buck killin' seminar? :) such a stud buck. huge congrats to you you've earned it after all your hard work through the years. Do you still feel like it's quittin time??
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Wow that is a MONSTER. I love the character he's got.
Nice, but if you keep killing the small one you will never shoot the big one :mrgreen:
Real nice Ridge! We're you at the Maverick in G-ville?
Wow, I'd run the other way if I see that big SOB!
Real nice Ridge! We're you at the Maverick in G-ville?
Yes I was, did we talk?
Great buck.
Field pics ?
No field pics. yet but how about the kill shot video?
The footage isn't the greatest but I did film it myself while I shot.
The brush was too high to use my tripod, so I took the shooting"V" off my monopod and screwed my camera onto it. I then leaned the monopod up against a dead tree, pointing towards the buck. I had to used the same tree as a rest to shoot from, that's why the camera moves around a little and after each shot.
Where this buck was bedded, he could only be seen from my side of the canyon and within a couple hundred yard window along the ridgeline.
I could see the buck even falling asleep just before I shot.
I guess he felt fairly safe in this bedding spot. I ended up seeing eight other hunters within a half mile of this buck the same morning I shot it.
So this public land spot was no huge secret but those big old bucks sure know how to hold tight. Unfortunately, that's what doomed this buck in the end.
As you will see in the video, my first shot doesn't seem to be even close. I think my bullet may have hit a branch from the dead tree I was shooting through. Anyway, check out the video and see how well a 160 gr. accubond performs.

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Yes I had the short bus
Ya, I remember talking to you.
VERY, Very NICE.....:!:.....

I learned a long time ago how difficult filming, and shooting, at the same time is......

Once again, very nice.......:cool:
I don't think I would have had the patience to set up a camera.I would have been to nervous he would disappear on me!
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