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Mallard Shootout!

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well, I got out for a quick hunt this morning. It took me until 8:30am to finish my last bird but, I got it done.

not really a whole lot to tell. A greenhead came in, and another and so on. I killed them.

I got some pretty gay GoPro footage though. I need to work on my Go Pro skills. By the end of the season, i'll upload a sweet video


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Uh helllloooooo I never got a call to meet you.... :sad:

Nice limit of greenies there goose !!!
I didn't think it would be long before we would see the green. Nice shoot. Wish I had Fridays off! Has to be nice.
Those are purty:mrgreen: Still looking for my first green.
I have to say you should change your name to mallard master I swear you kill more green than ten men combined :thumb::thumb:
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I said it last year and I'll say it again this year. I'm green with envy. Nice work! Good to see you are starting off the season how you finished it. I need to get out and scout more.
Nice yellow bills, I've gotten into some big ducks but not the greenheads yet.
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