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Mantua 9/12

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Hardwater and I spent a fun day at Mantua yesterday. Nothing like when I was there a couple of weeks ago, catching several bass, a few perch and wearing my arm out on bluegill. I love fishing ultralite - and eating 'gills - so it was a ball.

Yesterday we caught a bunch of bluegill on worm tipped jigs and Hardwater took about 40 of the largest home to feed the kids. We also tried for bass, but no takers although we saw quite a few inspecting our offerings. Only one other boat and a couple of tubers on the water while we were there. I think I have a new favorite fishing hole.

Being a transplanted Southerner I love having warm water fisheries available. For the first 10 years in Utah everyone tried to convince me catching trout was fun (which I'll admit it is in the back country). Now I'm starting to make converts to real fish.

Va pour ca (Cajun - "Go for it")
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Well what is this world comin to. I thought I was the only cajun lost here in Utah. :shock: Where in cajun land are you from Mike?
Not Cajun, although I love the music, the food, the dancing, the partying, the music, the food, etc.

I'm from across the border in Mississippi. My people are from Corinth, Mississippi and McNairy County, Tennessee, the area where Alabama, Mississippi and Tennessee come together at the tail end of Appalachia. I also have close relatives across the line in Muscle Shoals, Alabama.

We lived in Jackson, Ms from 1966 until moving to Utah in '91, and spent a lot of time making the 2 1/2 hour drive down to Nawlins, and also into the areas between Layfayette and Lake Charles for some real cajun cooking.

The fellow who used to handle seafood for Dan's out here was from Alexandria and also did the ordering for Market Street so I used to be able to have him get me small amounts of live mudbugs for my cooking, but I think he went back home so I either have to catch my own or get the Chinese version since otherwise I'd have to order them in 50 lb. minimums to get them shipped live.

Where are you from?

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From the Avoyelles, St.Landry, Evangeline Parish area...moved out here in '91 too. Won't hold it against you about being from MS. My wife's family is all from MS. Southern part of the state around Hattiesburg. You can catch you some mudbugs if you want to catch your own. We go to Strawberry every year around the last week of July and first week of August. Have caught as much as 75 lbs of live ones in a day. Use some old crawfish nets that have been in the family for over 50 years. Are there any places out here that you have found that have any sort of half way decent cajun food. We just cook our own but sometimes I would rather let somebody else do the cookin and just do the eatin.
Sorry for the late reply. We were in Indiana visiting my sister. She married a yankee but we forgave her.

I usually cook at home, but it is interesting to eat a native Utahn's version of cajun occasionally. If you have them substitute mudbugs for chicken at The Bayou in their cajun fettuccine it makes a pretty edible Mudbug Monica. I'm not sure if Stoneground calls any of their dishes "cajun", but the chefs turn out some great dishes that can make you homesick.

I do a Utah version of red beans and rice for the office that is very mild for the local tastes and bring a bunch of hot sauces for the more advenureous. Caputo's Market usually has good andouille (not in the front of the freezer display- they usually have the Louisiana imported in the big freezer), you might need to ask Tony to find it. I've also gotten good Louisiana boudin from the seafood place attached to Caputo's.

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