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Mentor question

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Say a dad had a cow tag, did the mentor thing with his kid. Can his kid then also have his own cow tag (different unit)?

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I'm not sure on the mentor thing; but my son wanted to do the trial hunter program. We both drew buck tags for the same area this year. I would guess the mentor program works the same.
R657-67-3. Requirements for Sharing Permits.

(1) A Hunting Mentor may lawfully share a permit with a Qualifying Minor, and a Qualifying Minor may lawfully take big game authorized by the Hunting Mentor's permit, if the following conditions are satisfied:

(a) The Qualifying Minor is at least 12 years of age when hunting;

(b) The Qualifying Minor has successfully completed a Hunter's Education Program recognized by the Division and possesses a Utah Hunter's Education number;

(c) The Hunting Mentor receives prior written approval by the Division authorizing the sharing of the permit;

(d) The Hunting Mentor receives no form of compensation or remuneration for sharing the permit with the Qualifying Minor;

(e) The Hunting Mentor accompanies the Qualifying Minor while hunting at a distance where the Hunting Mentor can communicate in person with the Qualifying Minor by voice or hand signals;

(f) The Hunting Mentor provides advice, assistance, and mentoring on sportsman ethics, techniques, and safety to the Qualifying Minor; and

(g) Both the Hunting Mentor and the Qualifying Minor otherwise comply with all laws, rules, and regulations governing the taking of big game as authorized by the permit.

(2) A Qualifying Minor does not need to possess a valid hunting or combination license to participate in the mentor program.

(3) A Qualifying Minor may not simultaneously possess a permit for an antlered big game animal and share a permit for an antlered big game animal of the same species.

(4) A Qualifying Minor may not simultaneously share the permits of two or more Hunting Mentors if those permits are for the same antlered big game species.

(5) A Hunting Mentor may only share their permit with one Qualifying Minor at a time.
Yep. Just can't have tags for two antlered animals. Looks like they could have any number of mentored tags for antlerless.

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