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Middle Aged & Lucky Genetics

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Thx for the comments last autumn when I was asking similar questions to those about to follow. I've been successful in losing weight since November and I'm down more than 25 lbs. Most of that was lost in the first month but I'm still slowly shedding pounds. I'll need to regain some muscle but thats something I accepted when I started.

My body is responding along the lines I hoped. My BP has slowly decreased, now I'm just figuring out Rx, including all the fun rebound effect decreases to them can cause.

I'm also lucky that I seem to have avoided becoming prediabetic, if I was ever heading that direction to begin with (more in a second). But my A1C and mid-morning to bedtime blood glucose numbers are simply not great.

I'm slowly gathering the data to bring to my doctor, as he didn't seem as curious by this reality. I've bought a small meter that rated as one of the most accurate and I've run tests to verify it.

But my #s spike sometime in the evening through the morning, sometimes as late as 10ish. Evidently this can be associated with the "dawn effect". Most people are able to manage the glucose spike just fine (and to their benefit) but I seem to have something going on.

Has anyone else experienced this? I'm obviously going to work with my medical team but I'm curious if anyone has first hand experience managing prediabetic figures limited to overnight fasting. I feel lucky to have teased out the trend and believe it's very manageable but diabetes (including prediabetes)scares me as much as cancer. I'd assume avoid what much of my extended family has experienced.

Would love to hear anything people have experienced along these lines. The most common recommendation seems to be focusing some exercise to post-dinner timeframe and morning (with the ever present "exercise more" always there to begin with). I'm already doing so and track it.

The lemonade from this discovery is I have more leverage for outdoor activity, including hunting. Morning or evening grouse hunts this fall may be what the doctor orders 😉
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Everything on moderation has always been my motto. Is working so far 😄
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