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Waitin' 4 Fall
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After several public land hunts at my usual spots with no gobbles heard and only 3 hens and a jake spotted, I tried another public spot I had never been to.
At about 10:00 I finally heard a distant gobble. I closed the distance as much as I dared and sat down at the base of a big oak tree. A few yelps on the mouth call produced a loud gobble from below the crest of the hill. A few minutes later I yelped again and he gobbled loudly from just under the crest of the hill. He’s coming!
I had my shotgun up and my heart was racing when he appeared in a full strut. The rest was history. I have the fan and beard drying out, the primary wing feathers cut off for arrow fletching, and the breasts and legs in the refrigerator. It doesn’t get any better than that!

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