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Mixed Bag

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we got a good mixed bag today. hoping to beat the storm (it sucks driving the airboat in a rain storm) we launched around 7 and set up by 7:30ish. it was kind of slow for a stormy day in the marsh. even with the big front there wasn't as many birds as i thought there ought to be with such a storm. we did manage our 2 limits by about 11:30ish with 4 gaddies, 1 cinny, 8 greenwing, and 1 scaup. i havn't shot a scaup for a quite a few years it was cool to get one agian I picked it out of a flock of teal i never have seen that! lets hope this weather is bringing in more northerns! :D
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How was the feathers on ypur cinn. teal. I want to shoot one for the wall!
There seem to be a lot of scaup around already. We shot 6 this morning.
Tealboy - you did better than me. I got to the ramp at OB ~7 and it was gail force winds. I talked with a couple of airboaters and they both said the same thing - too much wind. I had been blown off the lake on Wed, so was really not wanting to do it again. Ended up taking the boat back to the garage and me and my boys grabbed some breakfast.

Were you hunting FB?
Scaup already? Wow! I am a little surprised by the seemingly high number of divers that seem to be showing over already. It seems like there's always some redheads and a few can's around early, but I hunted with desert setter last Monday and he took a bufflehead from a flight of three that buzzed our spread. (I, of course, missed badly... O|* ) And, there's been a few reports of ringers being taken as well. Maybe this is commonplace and I'm just not experienced enough to know it.
my cinny was a hen no red it was the 3rd one this year i have only shot a few nice drakes over the years shoud have saved them for the wall! Spooner, man that sucks about the wind, i hate the wind! yeah we were at fb so i guess the wind hadn't hit us yet since we were a littler farther south. the wind went crazy around 9 but we were up in the marsh not on the lake so it didn't affect us too bad. we almost went up to ogden but with the storm decied to hit fb. if its good weather next sat we will be up there.
Was out Friday and the wind was terrible.... of course, it blew right up my back so that was good for getting ducks in my face.... but if the ducks came two feet off the water, they got blown backwards or sideways right out of the kill hole. That made it kinda frustrating and all I shot were spoonies but it was dang sweet having so many of the stupid things right in my dekes..... no teal this time either.... Glassed em up the day before and they were not in attendance... so much for my planning. :lol: Dog got some good work out of the makeshift blind though and I burned up some shells so that was fun. I also saw some divers but they were a good fifty yards out of the spread when they set down so they were nowhere near shooting range. I think they were buffies but wasn't sure.
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