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Montans Duck hunt (Bling Bling)

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Had a great time got into some fat mallards. Had one come right over my head and had my best shot of the day. It dropped a few feet away from me and i went and picked it up saw the green head and looked at the feet and it had a little bling bling on it my first band ever. It was banded in montana in August 2006. Over the trip we killed 22 ducks. 3 widgion, 1 gaddie, 2 GWT, 2 pins, and 10 Greenheads and 4 hen mallards. One of the hens had a band that my uncle shot when he went out to get a bird and he said he couldnt resist. good thing. Had a great time
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Wow... cool. Sounds like you guys had a good trip up there. 8)
congrats on the bands there. it sound like you guys ahd a fun time.
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