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Montezuma Canyon Elk

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Hey guys,

I'm planning an elk trip to Utah for the general rifle season. I have 7-10 days and have been considering the Montezuma Canyon unit because there are good elk numbers and little hunter numbers. I see very few bulls are harvested there. Why is that? I have been reviewing maps and it seems like a tenacious hunter could hike way back in the BLM in the canyons just off ranch land and find elk. Is this so? I would appreciate any strategy advice or overall info on elk in that unit!
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The big reason that there is no access to the ranches in this area is that they are enrolled in a CWMU which gives tags to the operators in exchange for allowing hunters onto their property to hunt if they are able to draw a tag. This is usually a win win for the ranch owners and the hunting public.

This area was also homesteaded very heavily since the surrounding area is fairly flat and could be used for agriculture, there is actually very little public in the area.
There aren't any CWMU elk areas in this gs open bull area. Kinda defeats the purpose of the program when anyone can buy the tags over the counter.... the actual San Juan unit is a different story though
Check out Spring Creek/Dodge
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