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Montezuma Canyon Elk

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Hey guys,

I'm planning an elk trip to Utah for the general rifle season. I have 7-10 days and have been considering the Montezuma Canyon unit because there are good elk numbers and little hunter numbers. I see very few bulls are harvested there. Why is that? I have been reviewing maps and it seems like a tenacious hunter could hike way back in the BLM in the canyons just off ranch land and find elk. Is this so? I would appreciate any strategy advice or overall info on elk in that unit!
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See I learn something new everyday. What Critter said makes tons of sense now. Still seems like an awesome hunting state but one I will spend years figuring spots out on my own. I drew a dedicated Wasatch East tag. And I know it has alot of private land. Going to be work for sure.
Actually that's a pretty decent tag.You should have no problem harvesting an elk on Wasatch East.
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