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Awsome! I'm glad you scored. The mullet wins every time. 8)
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now you need to scalp that red neck wearing mullet hunter.
come on feel the noise........ those are great pics :) :) :)
A most awsome display of MULLETRY.................... :lol:
Very fine. Gonna be tuff to beat.
That's good stuff dude. I could hear the Twisted Sister and smell the aquanet from where I sit (or was it old spice and Billy Ray Cyrus?)
Sweet. Congrats on the buck and even more props on the video. :D
You are worthy, we are not. I just put a bid in on ebay for a featherd mullet.
Where are all of the avitar kings and queens? I need a photoshop on my avitar .................. with a featherd mullet ...................... PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! get moving.
Should we change the contest deadline??? It is/was tomorrow, but that excludes a lot of bow hunters. (Including myself :twisted: and I got w**d for chet's floormats. :) )
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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