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My First Buck!!!

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Just wanted to share the results of my first ever big game hunt with everyone. My brother in law and his father are a big reason for my interest and success of this hunt as we worked together to fill our tags. I know am getting a late start learning to hunt big game, but had a blast making mistakes the whole way. Anyway, I Ended up getting a small 4 point and couldn't be happier. I think I'm hooked!

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Congrats and welcome to the sport of hunting. Say hello to great memories and good bye to your money. :grin:
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What a great first buck, congrats.
Very nice first buck, congrats !!!
Nice job on your first!

We all love to remember those 'mistakes' we made as we are all still learning...had a friend out on a bow hunt years ago, my uncle was leading everyone down the trail after the first two of us walked around a bend and he came to it two decent-sized bucks popped up right beside the trail.

The friend YELLED..."DEER" we all turned to see them bound away.
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your first buck is better than my best buck. nicely done!
Congratulations on your first big game animal. Just remember that there will be lots of failures along the way. Just keep at it. Also, pass on this experience to your other friends that never hunted before and get them involved in the sport. Hunting with friends and family is what makes it as enjoyable as it is to most of us.

Lastly, tell your wife to stop looking at your credit card bill now....your addiction will take over! I think Scheels/Cabelas/Gander Mountain all know me by first name when I walk in the door!
Solid work!! Congratulations

Nice job on a great buck, congrats!
Ya I was super pleased. They made us work for them, but in the end it paid off. I did quite a bit of pre-season scouting and found where they were heading if pressured , but still took 5 days of hunting to seal the deal.

I was seeing quite a few good bucks up until opening morning, then the weather changed and the shooting started, and everything went pretty quiet. I went back Friday evening, and the deer seemed to be a little more normal, and was able to get the shot off later Saturday morning. It was alot of fun just watching the deer and seeing how they responded to other hunters in the area. I also enjoyed their trick where they could walk behind a single tree and dissappear forever...
Congrats! The first one always has a special place in your memories.
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